in the beginning

Sometimes when I start a blog (and there have been many times), I tend to pontificate on what I am going to do, and when, and how, and what, and so on… Boring shit which doesn’t matter at all since I would invariably move or neglect or ignore or delete the blog within a short span of time.

In any case, nobody ever visited or read it except for spammers.

So, I guess I was writing something in the hopes that somebody would read it, which never happened. I spent all my time trying to perfect something that would never be read.

So, I quit writing.

Now, I am writing again. Scratching an itch by creating some words. Like I try to be an artist by coloring black and white line art with colored pencils. To exercise my brain and my creative process.

Not to be published. Not to be famous. Just because I want to.

Therefore, nothing to see here — move along — this isn’t the blog you are looking for…


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